Lyset i Forsen’s music has been described as bold, intelligent, and beautiful. It sprouted in the tune traditions of the Swedish region of Dalarna, and has since grown to breathe fresh life into old perspectives and give fantasy a place to flourish.

Fiddles and voices entwine in new compositions, improvisation, and traditional tunes. Their music broadens the view of what Swedish folk music is, and speaks of a living tradition where female agency is not excluded. Wistful airs, disco riffs, and powerfully driving polskas come together in a close musical interplay that moves both body and soul.

In a playful and daring way, the trio push the boundaries between the new, the old, and the yet-to-be. Melodies ripple and flow - intangible yet familiar, timeless but still in the now.

Lyset i Forsen have been twisting and turning notes and tunes together for the last six years. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2016, was described as “raw fiddle power” by the music magazine Lira. That same year the group was nominated for best newcomer at the Swedish folk and world music awards. Together with the trio Dagny, they are currently working on a new album under the name Dagny i Forsen.

Lyset i Forsen are
Lovisa Risinger
Thea Åslund
Emma Lagerberg

All on violin, viola d'amore, and vocals

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